What is Streaming Media?

What Is Streaming Media?

Streaming media refers to continuous multimedia delivery that requires minimal storage or none in the network. Streaming is not just about the delivery technique of the content but also to the content itself. This kind of delivery is increasing in popularity as consumers demand more on-demand streaming content. What exactly is streaming media?

Streaming Media allows users to pause, rewind, and accelerate content. Data is transferred in an order that isn’t in a sequential order. Instead, it’s sent according to the available bandwidth. This approach gained immense popularity during the late 1990s as technological advances increased network speed and bandwidth. It requires a high-speed connection to stream streaming media online.

Streaming media is video or audio content that is sent over the internet in compressed form. เว็บดูหนังออนไลน์ are able to play back the contents using their devices. Streaming media makes it unnecessary to download or watch media content, which may take hours or days to download. Streaming media allows you to share files between friends and families.

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