“True Beauty” is one of the most looked forward

True Beauty
Kpopmap viewers previously selected BLACKPINK’s JiSoo, BTS’s Jin, and Kwon HyunBin (VIINI) as the most wanted cast for the adaptation through polls.
Title: True Beauty / Yeosingangrim / 여신강림
Director: Kim SangHyub
Writer: Lee SiEun based on the story of Yaongyi
Network: tvN
Runtime: From Dec. 9
Genre: Romantic comedy
Language: Korean
It tells the romantic comedy story of JuGyeong who has a complex about her appearance and who turns into a goddess thanks to makeup and of SuHo who keeps hidden scars. The two met and by sharing their secrets they grow and restore their self-esteem.
Moon GaYoung as Lim JuGyeong
JuGyeong is a second-year high school student who just transferred. She is the most beautiful woman in the universe and a popular goddess, but that is only through makeup. There is a huge difference before and after makeup.
She wonders how she can be this unlucky. Her mom is not pretty but she is smart, her dad is not smart but he is even more handsome than Tom Cruise. Her older sister and younger siblings only got the good sides of her parents: they have good looks and are smart. However, on her side, she only got the bad sides.
Nevertheless, she is positive and bright.


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