The Silent Criminal (2020)

The Silent Criminal is a “Wuxia” Bromance based on the famed Jinyiwei Guards whose sole purpose is to punish the evil and safeguard the Government officials. When Long Yao’s partner needles the General about the mystical weapon’s sudden disappearance, he ends up dead. While investigating his death, Long Yao crosses paths with Shi Jing Yao, a young constable working for the County Magistrate. They both embark on a journey to find the famed weapon, which is the key to the disastrous “Bainasa” treasure. It becomes their life’s mission to try and stop the Centurions as well as their dreaded Leader Feng Bao from succeeding in his nefarious plans. All the while, our heroes grow closer and become an integral part of each other’s


Author: sofa


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