Private Lives – K-Drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

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Kim tells his colleague to chalk it up to an accidental death and hands over a stack of files for Seok-Go to go over. Only, he’s not so sure Jeong-Hwan is actually dead.

On the back of this, Dae-Sang at the public affairs department receives a call from Seok-Go relating to the car accident. This sees the police come under fire as they’re forced to close the case as is – despite the obvious loose ends with Yoon-Seok and Jeong-Hwan.

Detective Kim is reluctant but quells any doubts with his team by heading out for a dinner together. Their place of venue? In-Sook’s restaurant.

Up on the roof, Joo-Eun is confronted by the thugs again until Hanson shows up. He recognizes the big man immediately and forces his subordinates to stand down. Eventually he agrees to succumb Joo-Eun to inherit Jeong-Hwan’s money. Their debt – at least for now – is settled.
Joo-Eun arrives before Bok-Gi once more and asks about President Choi’s ledger. She believes Bok-Gi has it but upon confronting her, she passes the blame onto Edward.
Getting nowhere, Joo-Eun eventually heads out to think things through at In-Sook’s restaurant. There, the officers sit at the table adjacent from her. They figure out that In-Sook and Joo-Eun know each other but aren’t quite sure how.

Detective Kim takes the initiative and sits at Joo-Eun’s table, admitting that the case has been closed as an accidental death. She’s not happy that they haven’t found anything and asks them about the ledger and murder.

Eventually she changes her mind though and eventually tells him to leave, as Kim is left with more questions than answers.

In the morning Kim checks the news and bemoans that only 2 people died thanks to arsonist Jae-Wook’s incident. As he heads inside, Jeong-Hwan rocks up next to his former boss and reveals he’s living a different life now. Jeong-Hwan tells him he believes it’s UI’s interference and admits that he was the one helping Bok-Gi.


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