Priestess of Valerian – Black Hat Villain Review

In an orphaned society riven by centuries of conflict between humans and vampires, the once famous warrior priest (Paul Bettany) lives alone in an enclosed urban community, governed by his own church. The priest violates his vow when a violent group of vampires captures his niece and sets off on a personal quest in the hope of saving her before they can take her away. The people who accompany him on his dangerous mission is his former friend and ex-priestess (Lily Collins) with supernatural powers. moviefree8k They must face an evil group that aims to control the human race with the latest deadly virus to wipe them all out. Meanwhile, the vampire group, under the command of an eminent leader (Sam Haine) is recruiting the young, beautiful Victoria (Emma Watson).

The priest and his friends are involved in a power struggle against the current ruler as they hunt the evil organization. The current ruler is enslaved by vampires, who are the biggest threat to the lives and safety of priests and others. As the threat increases, the priest must decide which side to follow…

Annabel Wishston, one of the few survivors of the initial epidemic, returns to her position as the Countess. She was raised in a secure environment after marrying an affluent merchant. She quickly rises up in society and makes friends with David (Barry Foster) and defends him from vampires she doesn’t even know. In exchange for protection, David allows Annabel to live with him. He follows her in pursuit of Dracula shortly afterward. However, he realizes that he will not win and decides it is time for him to rekindle his love, either with someone new or with Countess.

Annabel is soon joined by her two new companions, Steve (John Loughlin) and Tommy (Eliaunder). The three of them become the central members of her vampire hunter, known as the Priests. She initially leads them, primarily because she is an aspiring young woman. However, she soon realizes that her family relationships will be more important when she hunts her enemy. We see the women who are supporting Dracula and taking part in his hunt.

While the story is primarily focused on the relationship between the Priestess and Dracula but there are other relationships that aren’t as evident. There are priests who assist the Priestess and help her fight off vampires. These are called the Walled Cities. These are places that were isolated from the outside world and had the assistance of an army of self-made defense, namely the Priests. The Walled Cities were not only designed to protect the inhabitants from Dracula but also from other threats.

One scene in the movie shows the Priestess giving instructions to the girls who assist her in her work. One of the instructions is to kill any vampires they encounter. When the girls and Priestess find dead, they are cremated and their souls are imprisoned inside the Walled City. The movie goes back to 15 years later, as the priestess is interrogated by an investigator.

The film offers a glimpse into the thoughts and feelings of priests during this time. They are caught up in their pasts while they attempt to describe what happened to them to the investigator. They express their regrets over the deaths of their own sisters and wish they had aided the others in their death. The film offers a glimpse into how a vampire might see the world surrounding them, including both the good and evil that prevailed during this period.

Overall, this was a fun vampire movie to watch. It’s entertaining for old and young viewers. The acting was great and the story was well told and the special effects were impressive. I hope that someone will watch this movie known for its excellent vampire movie and will be enticed by the next movie: “Priestess of Valerian”.

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