Percy Jackson – Sea of ​​Monsters

Percy Jackson - Sea of ​​MonstersPercy Jackson – Sea of ​​Monsters

Percy Jackson – Sea of ​​Monsters Although the first installment may not be as successful in revenue and criticism.

as Percy Jackson’s book contains five volumes, the sequel must be at risk. And excuse the first installment for sure made a mistake with Percy Jackson.

who in this sequel is based on the second movie of the same name, Sea of ​​Monsters.ดูหนังออนไลน์

Which in this sequel will be the story of Percy and his group of friends, the old gang god.

This time, he must set out on his journey towards the recovery goal of the Golden Fleece that will be able to save them from the evil.

 And save their camps from being destroyed by the power of the devastating god Kronos.

In this sequel The film is directed by Thorf Ludenthal, the director of the hotel for dogs and diary of a wimpy kid.

who jumped into action-fantasy movies for the first time. Along with a team of actors from the first series such as Logan Lerman, Brandon T. Jackson and Alexandra Dadralio,

which by myself has been through my eyes. Percy Jackson book series coming in, especially in the first part. 

That the text must admit that it is quite fun, but in part 2 is still not finished reading Therefore still took the leather.

Can’t compare with the book But one thing I feel that in this sequel can be made better than the first

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