Paying your attention to your heart

Vigorous Exercise Can Keep the Heart Healthy

Even though regular exercise greatly improves health status, exercise in patients with cardiovascular disease needs special guidelines to avoid heart to work excessively. To keep heart healthy, our recommendations are:

More importantly, patients with cardiovascular disease should strictly avoid using substances that cause arousal or sexual desire, certain drugs such as Viagra (Sildenafil), alcoholic beverages and unusual sex positions. Particularly in patients who recently underwent heart surgery, special advices given by cardiac specialists for activities and exercise greatly  are vital in order to maintain heart function appropriately. Additionally, couples could help noticing any abnormal manifestations. If any warning signs are suspected, immediate care is urgently required.

  1. Eat properly: Excessive dietary salt consumption over time can increase risk of high blood pressure, which is a major aggravating factor for heart disease. To reduce blood pressure and lower the risk of heart disease, it is highly recommended to avoid eating salty food and limit salt intake per day since the excess salt causes the body to retain water and subsequently, the heart has to overwork.
  2. Exercise appropriately: During exercise, heart muscles usually work twice harder than arm and leg muscles. In patients with cardiovascular disease, mild exercise is preferably suggested e.g. walking and bicycle riding.
  3. Rest sufficiently: Adequate rest plays a major role to improve general health. Recent researches indicate that 20% people of middle age group aged between 24-32 have developed high blood pressure. Although, no aggravating signs typically present, this substantially increases risks of sudden cardiac death or heart attack at anytime. Recommended amount of sleep is 6-8 hours per day. Sleep insufficiency tends to develop several health-related conditions including cardiovascular disease.
  4. Taking good care of mental health: Excessive stress should be properly managed. 

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