J-park Nihon Mura Sriracha

J-park Nihon Mura SrirachaJ-park Nihon Mura Sriracha

J-park Nihon Mura Sriracha Shopping Mall in Sriracha Chonburi Province That duplicates the air of conventional Japan The entire shop building Many cafés in Japanese style to browse. Kyoto Golden Temple Including a Japanese nursery Gives the sensation of being in genuine Japan This spot is appropriate for strolling around. Eat with family Or late like taking pictures, not frustrated Because the spot is excellent, there are numerous photography points

J-park, the spot isn’t unreasonably enormous. There is sufficient parking spot. The inside of the structure is completely designed in the customary Japanese style. The structure is designed according to a Japanese town. Brilliant Temple in Kyoto, a trench garden where koi fish swim A red extension that crosses the Japanese light waterway and cherry blooms, it feels as though it were a genuine Japan trip.

Inside the structure there are cafés, shops, particularly eateries. Which is practically all Japanese food, including Shabu, Sushi, Ramen, Japanese Buffet Like individuals who love to eat food in this style definitely. Can’t pick which café to eat? Moreover, each shop is embellished with an excellent aroma of credible Japan.


Notwithstanding eateries, there is likewise a stall. Which incorporate Thai, Japanese food, apparel, machines, Daiso stores, Japanese-style corner shops Choose to look for the sake of entertainment.

Takoyaki shop, Japanese tidbits Decorated extremely charming Takoyaki is a genuine Japanese style. The size is huge and arrives in an assortment of flavors.

Japanese plot for shooting On the ground floor The red extension, buoys and red wooden shafts Including compositions, environment, view Beautiful japan Dressed in Japanese style. Or on the other hand need to wear a yukata kimono, approach the subsequent floor, there is a shop for lease for 250 baht for each hour.ufabet

Numerous eateries Must discover food to gobble previously Let’s end up at Sushi-karma. They have a significant assortment of menus, including shabu, sushi, and Japanese food. Requested an enormous pork shabu set, it was conveyed exceptionally full The cost is more than 600 baht for 4 individuals. Shabu is exceptionally heavenly, acceptable soup, great sauce, delicate pork gut. Different menus request salmon sazumi. Salmon Cheese Don Taste great too Raw fish at this shop is very new and modest. 3 salmon cuts 80 baht and different dishes are likewise reasonable. Take a gander at the cost or more assumptions. Costs for each dish are a lot less expensive than in Bangkok.

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