Flooring material

Flooring materialFlooring material

Flooring material Today, there are many types of flooring materials available for homeowners to choose from. 

Each has different strengths and features. Therefore have to choose to buy to meet the needs of our usage and needs

But how to choose? Today, let’s get to know each type of flooring material at the same time.ออกแบบบ้าน

1. Wood
, popular wood used for flooring such as Makha wood, Daeng wood, Pradu wood, Teak wood, the advantage is beautiful, natural, looks good.

And have a good texture, but there is a disadvantage is that it may be eaten by termites.

Stretch and shrink according to the weather, requiring more maintenance than other types of materials.

And rather the price is higher than other types of materials

2. Laminated wood is
made from ground wood powder mixed with synthetic additives. 

Pressed into sheets with high pressure (HDF) then coated to cover the surface in various patterns.

The advantage is easy installation, lightweight, able to choose a variety of colors and patterns. Cheap but the downside is There is a contraction.

May bulge when exposed to moisture, the service life is short.

And if installed on an uneven ground When stepping on, it is easy to collapse and make noise.

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