Family Fun Time: The Lounge/Loft

level floor plan

Sure, there’s the Great Room/Family Room that is sometimes “invaded” by guests and friends. But today’s potential buyers who have children are also looking for a different space in the home – designated as a family lounge.

This is the spot – close to the bedrooms – where the family can hang out with each other, play games and puzzles, and just enjoy each other’s company. “Away from the noise and traffic in the kitchen and the living room, children can do their homework independently or with help from their parents. In the Family Lounge, the young ones can play/entertain friends and neighbors – separate from the Great Room/Living Room where adults generally gather,” says Dodge.

The family lounge could also incorporate a kind of activity center – a dedicated space in the home for pursuing favorite activities. Think of a game room with defined spaces to designate the different zones for scrapbooking, arts and crafts, sewing, hobbies, board and video games, activity/card tables, billiards/pool, foosball, and watching sports on TV.


Author: sofa


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