energy-efficient tips to keep your home cool

energy-efficient tips to keep your home coolenergy-efficient tips to keep your home cool

energy-efficient tips to keep your home cool March – April In the summer of Thailand, during this summer

The temperature is so high that it cannot be dragged anywhere, but the heat surrounds the body.

Many people turn to the air conditioner to cool down the temperature around them. Until dreadful With the electricity bill that is going to be charged later But those problems will go away.

Because we have some tips for making the house cool down with a simple way Without wasting energy It is also friendly to the environment.

Paint cool colors

the easiest way to reduce the heat in your home. Is to paint the room in cool colors Like green or blue Which will make you feel that the temperature in the room can cool down Also a light color Like white and cream Can reflect light as well This helps to save electricity consumption in order to illuminate less. 

While the earth tones Like light brown, the colors of the wood and leaves give you a feeling of comfort and relaxation as if you were in close contact with nature all the time.รับออกแบบบ้าน

Planting trees.

Trees help reduce heat and increase oxygen in the air. One big tree is comparable to having a 1 ton air conditioner (equal to 12,000 BTU), so if planting trees around the house, it will be another way. It helps to increase the natural air conditioner quite well.

Unplug the power plug when not in use.

This is a simple method that many people overlook because all kinds of electrical appliances generate heat when they are used. If we turn on many electrical appliances at the same time, such as lamps, refrigerators, televisions and electric thermos. Will increase the heat dissipation even more Therefore, if not in use It is best to unplug it completely.

 Do not place anything near the air conditioner.

The air conditioner will have to work harder. When in a room there is a highly cooled electrical device located nearby. Such as refrigerators, irons, or individual lamps Not only that Humidifying the air is another factor that makes the air conditioner work harder, so avoid placing a container of water or drying clothes near it.

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