Cinema room or home theater room

Cinema room or home theater roomCinema room or home theater room

Cinema room or home theater room It is one of the rooms that lovers of watching movies, listening to music, singing karaoke cannot live without.

 But getting a good movie room Can be used efficiently Does not make noise disturb other rooms Or friends next door until the relationship was born It’s not easy.

If we do not have enough knowledge and understanding of principles and guidelines for making a movie room . 

From now on It will be something that people want to do in the cinema room should know before deciding to modify and add to the cinema room so as not to cause errors and problems later.

Soundproof wall

Many people may feel that “room size” has a lot to do with watching movies. Just let us sleep Sit comfortably and watch a movie

should it be okay? The answer is that room size is very important. Because the cause echo echo inside the room watching it,ออกแบบบ้าน

The larger the room size The more likely there is an echo and echo And to address the problem of echo, echo and echo in the cinema room 

such as the installation of a glass wool Cylence Zandera sound-absorbing decorative wall panel.

Which has high sound absorption properties Will install properly Can actually reduce the echo echo. 

It is based on the correct calculation of the sound-absorbing wall volume. 

Which guidelines for calculating that How much sound absorbing pads will be required? To protect the echo well 

 the size and height of the room must be calculated as well, otherwise the problem will not be solved.

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