Best Garage Organization Companies

Your garage can add valuable square footage to your home, whether you’re using it for storage or as a bonus indoor-outdoor living space. But too many homeowners don’t understand how to organize a garage: Instead, they treat it as a dumping ground for clutter. Garage organization companies offer solutions for this common problem. Install cabinets for your tools, hang outdoor equipment on the wall, or even go vertical with overhead storage and finally reclaim your garage for your car—or another solution of your choosing.

Some companies simply offer elevated takes on the classic garage storage system, while others take it a step further with full-scale home organization services. Whatever their strengths, these are the best garage organization companies.

When Jared Newman founded Gorgeous Garage in 1999, there weren’t many options on the market for space-efficient garage organization. He wanted a solution that took advantage of all the vertical space, allowing him to store his stuff and park his car inside—so he decided to create his own system. Today, Gorgeous Garage offers sturdy overhead storage, shelving, slat walls, hooks, bars, and other efficient accessories, in addition to more cosmetic upgrades like garage flooring.


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