A life cafe and gallery

A life cafe and galleryA life cafe and gallery

A life cafe and gallery Cafe amid a beautiful English garden In U Thong District, Suphan Buri, who would have thought that there would be a cute cafe hidden in this district too? The shop is located not far from the stone Buddha image. His temple was artificial.

The atmosphere said it was very wow. Expensive, British aristocratic style Mixed with a little coolness Decorate the garden in each corner beautifully. There are many beautiful trees. Suitable for sitting, resting, sipping drinks in the atmosphere. Take cool check-ins to the world.ufabet

The shop is located in the same alley as the tree of us cafe, which is next to each other and may be confused whether it is the same shop or not. 

Adjacent to a large turquoise English style house Probably the owner’s home There is a green lawn decorated with a big red chair. The back is a green wall of ivy, which has another chic style.

When walking into the restaurant section, we must say Wow. With brick houses with ivy walls And loft style with brick and mortar walls mixed with a little vintage With furniture used to decorate with full of freshness of many trees Both ivy And various ornamental plants Each corner of the seat is quite private. Perfect for relaxing in Mount Moyd with a group of friends. 

Clearly separated the plantation zone with beautiful angles for taking pictures in many angles

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