“Togo” (now playing on Disney+) is a smart, affectionately made tale about an underdog

Trailer and Release Date for Disney

Togo When setting up the drama, it’s the adult aspects that prove to be a little clunky.
But Dafoe, whose presence can feel like as much of a treat as close-ups of a cute dog, gets a few good moments—a highlight being a monologue that he mumbles as his dogs zip across the ice, performing it as if it were a cut paragraph from his previous gig, “The Lighthouse.”


As for the movie’s star, Togo.   Togo is independent, persistent, and even has a sense of humor. A bit of the movie magic in “Togo” is that it doesn’t feel like watching a dog who performs brave, heroic acts because he’s obedient, but because he chooses to.


Author: sofa


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